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Poland Wood Pellet Market

Poland Wood Pellet Market
Biomass energy refers to energy stored in organic material, such as forest and agricultural products. Biomass is a key energy source in the developing world in the form of firewood used for heating and cooking. In the developed world, biomass energy is used as a fuel source for electricity generation. Wood pellets are one type of biomass energy. Wood shavings and saw dust are the mainly used raw material for wood pellets making in Poland. Then what about the wood pellet market in Poland?
Coal reserves of Poland are in the front rank in Europe. As a major European exporter of coal, they use coal as the primary fuel in production of their energy. Hard bituminous coal contributed 48% of Poland energy generation. However, coal is a non-renewable energy resource. Developing renewable energy is imperative. Biomass pellet is the most commonly used renewable energy source. Forests cover 28.8% of Poland's land area, so it is beneficial to make wood pellets. Wood pellets are a relatively clean fuel. Pellet production started in Poland in 2003. At first they were mainly exported to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Italy. The domestic consumption started to increase because of the first pellet boilers installed. More and more people show their interest in wood pellets produced by wood pellet mill. Now Poland wood pellet market grows fast.
As for Poland wood pellet market, there are some advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include fast development of the domestic wood pellet market and facilitation of the access to subsidies. The disadvantages are insufficient infrastructure, high investment costs for pellet heating devices and the supply security of pellets as a fuel.

The annual wood pellet consumption is 120,000 tonnes in Poland, and its population is around 38 million. The average wood pellet consumption is only about 3 kg per person. Compared to the other countries, it is much lower. So there seems to be a great potential for further market growth.
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