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Pellet Machine Die Maintenance

Pellet Machine Die Maintenance
Pellet machine die is the key part of a pellet machine. It determines the pellet machine's performance. By following several simple rules your die service life will be prolonged and you will achieve the greatest output from your dies.
Never strike a die with a hammer or drop it on a hard surface. If force is needed to install the die, use a plastic hammer or a piece of wood. Fix the die to the spindle and hold in place by the die clamp. Maintenance is necessary to have the surfaces of both die and spindle clean for proper installation.
The die of the pellet mill must be securely held by the die clamp at all times. A worn out die clamp or spindle pad will make proper fit and operation impossible. A loose fit at this point will cause flexing and excessive stress on the die, rollers and drive train.
The spindle pad should be replaced if it becomes worn. When installing a new die, check the die clamp with the gauge, which is shipped with the new die.
Magnets, cutters and other cleaning devices are vital to the life of a die. They must be cleaned and checked regularly to make sure they can remove metal and other impurities from the feed continually. For presence of external material, periodic inspection of the die is advisable. Pieces of tramp metal which have embedded in the die should be removed by punching or drilling from the outside end of the die hole.
The maintenance of the die is similar to that of a rifle barrel bore. The die holes are carefully machined and highly polished. Surface of the die holes must be preserved if maximum pellet capacity is to be guaranteed. If the pellet mill is going to be shut down for over half an hour to change the die, the die should be filled with oily mixture.

When a pellet machine die is removed from the pellet mill, store it in a protected dry area. Also, when you receive a new die, keep it in the protected dry area to avoid rust.
The information above is all about die maintenance. Study carefully and you will benefit from it. As the professional supplier of feed pellet mills, Allance always offers the latest news, the first-class equipments and after-sales service.