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Ring Die Pellet Mill Applied into Cashew Industry in Vietnam

cashew_oilThe Vietnam, as we know, the climate is tropical and subtropical climate which is suitable for wildlife growth, including cashew nut. The cashew nut kernel could be ate, and the cashew nut shell also be used to compress cashew nut oil which is a potential industry in Vietnam, besides, the cashew nut can be deeply processed into cashew cardnol and friction powder.


Background of Pressing Cashew Nut Shell into Cashew Pellets
It is reported from the Vietnam Custom that, in 2013 the cashew nut export volume continue to rank number one of the worldwide since 2006. And the cashew nut oil production from Vinacas news is about eighty thousands tons, and the export volume is moe or less sixty thousands tons, the mainly exporting countries are the China, the EU and the Japan. The so abundant cashew nut shell bio-resins from the cashew nut oil will give a potential market for making cashew pellets by suitable pellets mill, which can avoid cashew bio-resins waste and burn insufficiently and impurity in pollution.
The cashew pellets is pelletizing by ring die pellets mill, the moisture content is lower, the heat value is higher, and the purity is higher, so the cashew pellets can be burn sufficiently and no pollution, besides, the cashew pellets will have the more harder density which are fit for store and transport.

Reasons for Choosing Our Ring Die Pellets Mill to Pelletize Cashew Pellets
It is estimated from Vinacas in Vietnam, the cashew nut oil production capacity is 80.0000 tons, therefore, it is no doubt that there will be the large number of cashew bio-residues for pelletizing cashew pellets to meet more and more increasingly pellet mill and energy market and demands in Vietnam.


1. As a matter of fact, the ring die pellets mill is more appropriate for concentrated materials,so the cashew bio-residues can be suitable for ring die pellets mill.
2. The ring die pellets mill can pelletizing cashew bio-residues without adding any additives, it still pelletizes better proprieties cashew pellets.
3. Our ring die pellet mill are made of stainless steel, the SKF bearing in Switzerland,which ensure high efficiency and reliable driving with the lowest noise.
4. The alloy steel die is forged by international advanced German gun drill and American vacuum furnace, which guarantee a longer service life.
5. Permanent magnet device can remove impurities in the pelletizing process.